What to Know to Eat Keto at Restaurants

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What to Know to Eat Keto at Restaurants

Eat Keto at Restaurants

Eat Keto at Restaurants

So do you get nervous if someone asks you out to eat, especially if it leans closer towards “fast food” than fine dining? Are you afraid you can’t eat keto while eating out?

Think again! It’s actually fairly easy to stay keto, even if you can’t get good carbs counts for your daily journal, that’s okay, life comes embrace it!


What to Know to Eat Keto at Restaurants


How to Eat Clean at Restaurants


In a typical American diet, that can be as easy as eliminating certain foods from your order, or, just don’t eat them if they are on your plate.  Remove things like bread, chips, rice, beans, desserts and the like. Read on for exact details in dining cuisine options.



As for what to drink you can always have unsweetened tea, unsweetened coffee, or water (ask for a lemon if you want some flavor). If in your keto diet you have decided to allow diet soda, that is also an option. However I do recommend breaking that sugar addiction early on, and I also don’t recommend consuming certain artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, that are in those diet sodas! Instead, I recommend to stick with erythritol and/or stevia as your artificial sweeteners. You can also buy these in packets to put in your purse (or pocket) for eating out to add them to your drinks yourself.

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Low Carb Eating at Restaurants


Stevia Sweetened KetchupStevia Sweetened Ketchup

This is one of the easiest places to eat out! Ask them to remove the bun!  Most places will and just serve your burger in a plate with a knife and fork. Sometimes you might have to remind them about your condiments as somehow they kinda forget them! Ketchup is a tad high on carbs as it usually has an added sugar, but typically can be left on for a low carb diet, but might need to be removed for strict keto. Pickles also have some carbs, just so that you are aware.  If making burgers at home, let me suggest Claussen pickles; they have zero carbs. Also a reduced sugar ketchup can be found at HEB for us American shoppers (I’m not a world saavy shopper so you’ll have to look in your area) – technically, ketchup is not keto friendly, but doable if you are only tracking carbs and not worried about a possible insulin spike due to the sugar content. And they even have a 1 gram net carb Stevia Sweetened Ketchup.

How I eat at Whataburger

They forgot they Mayo on the side!!

Be careful with ketchup or bring your own stevia sweetened bottle:

Low Carb Eating at Restaurants


You got this! Simply use a fork to eat the toppings off your pizza!  You might eat a few more slices than normal, but you will fill up and GOOD THING is you won’t be bloatedfrom eating all of that bread. Go ahead and have that salad too with some dressing on the side. Just no bread, no croutons, crackers, pasta or a lot of fruit from the salad bar (if any!). The sauces offered in the pasta bar area might be too high in carbs, as tomatoes in this condensed form, really add up fast.  As well, a lot of these sauces have added sugars.

This is how I eat at Mr. Gattis

Simply eat the toppings off with a fork:



One of my favorites! The first thing you might be presented with here as a common appetizer is chips and salsa. While you can have the salsa the chips are not an option. I like to use them as a spoon and eat the salsa right off them. No double dipping!! I just lay the chip to the side and grab another. I also only do this sparingly, saving myself for the yummy meal. When ordering as them to remove any rice, beans or tortillas (corn or flour).  For example, you could order a beef fajita plate. As them to leave off the rice and beans. When asked if you want corn or flour tortillas, tell them none OR as you dining partner if they would like them. You can also order extra guacamole and sour cream! So fulfilling!

My Low Carb Fajita Plate:

Eat Keto at Restaurants


FAST FOOD CHICKENHow to Eat Clean at Restaurants

This one is a little tougher as you can’t eat the fried chicken as it is breaded. As long as they offer a type of grilled chicken, which some do not, you can eat low carb here.  Side dishes, like green beans or a salad is also a great option. Knowing carb counts of dressings is helpful, but most are not too bad considering you usually only eat 1 tbs of it.



This is totally doable. If they will let you order a sandwich without the bun, go for it. Also most of these place offer a salad as well.  Be careful if they offer meatballs, usually those have an added breading into the mixture, like crackers or breadcrumbs. As well, the marinara sauce they are smothered in could have a lot of extra sugars in them.


Eat Keto at Restaurants


These are a bit tougher, especially if the dining establishments leans closer to fast food than finer dining. Stick to meat, salads and lower carb vegetables.  No potatoes and go easy on the broccoli and cauliflower. As well, a lot of those sauces have extra sugar added too.

I hope I was helpful for you in eating out and away from home!

What to know to Eat Keto at Restaurants #eatketo #ketodiet #lowcarb
How to EASILY Eat Keto at Restaurants #lowcarb #keto

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