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Cyclic Ketogenic Diet Plan

Cyclic Ketogenic Diet Plan

Stalled or on a keto weight loss plateau? Or maybe you are wondering what do you do after you have already lost all that weight on the ketogenic diet? Don’t go back to eating like you were before the keto diet, that is for sure. You will instead want to look into the Cyclic Ketogenic Diet Plan.

What is the Cyclic Ketogenic Diet Plan?

Firstly, you should already know about the ketogenic diet. It is a style of a weight loss plan where the body is forced to enter a state called ketosis. Ketosis is where the body uses fat as its primary energy source, which leads to healthy and rapid weight loss.

How Does a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Plan Work?

A cyclical ketogenic diet is where you follow a standard ketogenic diet five days a week and incorporate three workouts into those five days, and then on the other two days (in repeating order) you load up on carbs and do not exercise.

While this maybe needed for those stalled in weight loss, it is also beneficial for those who have reached their weight loss goal in the keto diet and also for those who workout and/or get a lot of exercise.  This keeps the carbs up enough that you have energy enough to do the things you want, like hula hoop dance, bike ride, yoga, or Pilates, whatever it is that get you moving.

How do I start?

Leanne Vogel over at Healthful Pursuit has tons of free videos and podcasts with full details, information, instructions and answers to a lot of your questions about following a Cyclic Ketogenic Diet Plan.

Just a few of the things you will learn about the Cyclic Keto Plan:

  • What a “Carb Up” is.
  • When you should carb up?
  • How many carbs are in a keto carb up?
  • Examples of keto carb ups and cyclical ketosis.
  • Keto meal plans with a cyclical ketogenic practice.
  • Good carb up recipes.
  • Best Cyclic Ketogenic Diet Mean Plan.

Just click below to start learning:

cyclic ketogenic diet plan

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