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Best App for Keto Diet

keto meal plans appSometimes life is just life and it’s hard to plan and create meals in advance. Being on a specific diet, especially the keto diet, takes some planning and shopping is one of importance. Especially when trying new recipes or dishes, you are probably going to be buying ingredients you never bought before. If you buy a week in advance like me, this is a bit difficult planning 5 to 7 days worth of meals!

Sometimes on a Keto Diet it's hard to plan groceries ahead - Not with this App!

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Why is this the Best App for Keto Diet?

I love this awesome versatile meal plans app! I have been using it for quiet a while and can tell you it is super easy! It works on desktop, laptop, tablets, phones and is both IOS an Android accessible. See the video below and you will see why it is the best app for the keto diet!

Here is a quick video of it. Also read further down for how I use it!

You do not have to fill it all the way up each week either! You don’t even have to use the breakfast or lunch and can only use dinner, or any one of those, or all of them, if you want. If you have been searching for the best app for ketogenic diet, this could be it.

There are tons and tons of rated recipes and you can drag and drop them too; move them to different days.  If a recipe requires you to make an addition; like you selected enchiladas, it will automatically add the add-on recipe for tortillas.

Then once a recipe is added the ingredients are automatically added to your shopping list! 

You then remove items you already have in your pantry and then when ready head to the grocery store. Just check off each item as you put it into your basket and your are done!

Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plans

When ready to cook open the app and follow along. You can also print it out!

Before you buy supplies you can also change the number of servings; say you are having guests come over, just click the arrow shown below to add or subtract the number of servings/people. *If I want leftovers, I put 4 servings, even though it’s just the hubby and I.

Just click in the nutritional information and you can see carbs, fat, calories, whatever stats you are tracking.  This meal plan app is wonderful and I have used others, BUT this is the easiest best arranged meal app!

real plans

Make your life and your healthy lifestyle even easier! Try the best meal plans app out there. Click below.

Take me to the Best Meal Plans App!


Screenshots Below of the Best app for Keto Diet:

best app for ketogenic diet

Shopping List Preview

best app for keto diet


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