A Lazy Keto Girls Weekly Journal – Digital Download

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A Lazy Keto Girls Weekly Journal – Digital Download

a lazy keto girls weekly journal

Lazy Keto Girls Weekly Journal and Food Diary

Are you Ready to Track Yourself Back to Health?

I know I was and that led me to create this journal to use myself! I have lost over 30 pounds and continue my lazy keto lifestyle. For more on me, visit my about me page.

What About APPS?

There are a lot of apps out there for tracking low carb and ketogenic diets. Most are free to a point, but they can have some issues:
  • Do not track Net Carbslazy keto diet
  • Are Inaccurate in Food and Carb Counts
  • Make you Pay to Track Carbs or Net Carbs
  • Don’t let you See the Full Picture of Yourself, Lifestyle or Eating Habits
  • Dont let you track your Feelings, Physical Health or General Well Being.

I had tried various apps and they just didn’t do what I needed them to do.  I couldn’t see the full aspect of my diet or lifestyle, so they just weren’t helping.

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On top of that many don’t track net carbs, which is important on the keto diet. I do lazy keto, so I also didn’t need all that other stuff like “macro tracking” that the apps boast about offering.

Lazy Keto Girls Weekly Journal and Food Diary

A Lazy Keto Girls Weekly Journal

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Healthy Patterns

With lazy keto, I found that I only needed to track carbs.  And really I only did that in the very beginning to get an idea of the quantity and type of foods that I could eat.

I noticed that certains foods that usually weren’t keto friendly gave me adverse reactions.  And as I ate keto only, I quit having IBS or acid reflux. But sometimes even though keto friendly we can have adverse effects. And the ONLY way to know for sure that something isn’t kosher with your body is to track your daily food intake with a food journal.  


Recognizing patterns allow you to assess your situation and start taking control of you dietary lifestyle. 


Comparing your body’s physical reaction to a certain food can be extremely eye opening. For example, after tracking for  a couple of weeks, I learned that the heavy whipping cream I as using in my coffee, gave me diarrhea if I used too much!! I might HAVE NEVER figured that out without journaling my food intake and body’s physical reactions! 


As I was feeling better and better, I understood that I really needed a food journal to see the full spectrum of how my diet and lifestyle fit together.

lazy keto diet

Introducing: A Lazy Keto Girls Weekly Journal – Digital Download

A Lazy Keto Girl’s Weekly Journal is a daily life and food journal perfect for starting, or continuing the ketogenic diet the easy way. This is a special journal for those of conscious mind, body and spirit who are ready to start living (or already doing so!) the keto lifestyle.

This journal is versatile; it can be printed out over and over and hand filled in, OR, it can be filled in from your laptop or computer and simply saved and re-used over and over!


You will NEVER RUN OUT OF SPACE in this journal, when using your computer or laptop to fill in the data. If you exceed the size of the block a SCROLL BAR will be inserted and you can simply type forever if you wish or desire!


lazy keto girls journal


Use your journal to track:

  • Daily Food Intake for Each Day of the Week
  • Net Carb Count for Each Meal and Total Carbs for the Day
  • Your Weight and Weight Loss
  • Your Waist Measurements and Amount Loss
  • Your Menstrual Cycle
  • Exercise and Activities
  • General Health, Emotions and Feelings
  • Your Favorite Recipes!
Your journal has daily entry for various areas: your weight, waist line, meal entry, carb count, exercise, menstrual cycle, notes, dreams and feelings. Plus pages to track your favorites recipes.

Other Benefits Of Lazy Keto Girls Weekly Journal:

  • Journaling your feelings and dreams is a positive tool that will enable you to learn more about your mind and body.
  • You will be able to track how you felt and how your body reacted after eating certain foods.
  • Compare each day, week, month, etc on weight loss/waist loss.
  • Compare your physical and emotional feelings day to day – correlate this information with what you ate and your dreams for valuable insights to your self.
  • You will also come to understand how all that we do in life ties together and can be molded, by us, into harmony.

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